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The NEWLY DESIGNED Semelex unit is a self-contained, portable, multi-purpose diagnostic system for industrial press room automation and operator safety device analysis. The Semelex can quickly calculate machinery stopping time and determine the minimum safe distance for safety devices including light curtains, palm buttons, E-Stop, and safety mats.

The 1999SEMC Semelex II Safetimeter Test Set is field-proven to accurately measure press stop time and safety distance to verify compliance with federal and state requirements. Designed for harsh industrial environments, the unit is portable, lightweight, battery-operated, and easy to use.

The Semelex Safetimeter is capable of measuring elapsed time, stop time (Ts) from 1-9999 milliseconds. It also calculates the minimum safety distance (Ds) based on the OSHA formula, as understood by the factory, and will display up to 999.9 inches to the nearest 0.1 inches.

Optional 5 year limited warranty covers all yearly recalibrations add $1,275.00

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in