Machine Stop Time / Safe Distance Analysis For Presence Sensing Devices

Determining the safe mounting distance of optoelectronic guarding systems such as safety light curtains can be a complex matter. Our experienced staff has been providing stop-time reporting services to its valued customers for over 24 years.

Utilizing the Semelex II Safetimer, our staff can perform stop-time analysis tests on a multitude of processes including those with linear and rotational motion.

Whether it’s a new installation or part of an internal, ongoing, verification system, our Stop-Time Analysis, and Reporting Service will provide you with the documentation and assurance demanded by today’s safety professionals.

Want to learn how to conduct safe distance/stop time testing and reporting in the house? Guardomation can sell the Semelex 2 1999 SEM unit and train your personnel.


Gemco Semelex 1999 SEM Unit