Load Cells Monitors & Die Protection

Press Controls and Tonnage Monitoring
Toledo Integrated Systems

Press Control & Automation Solutions

Complete press control automation and integration from Toledo Integrated Systems
have developed an unmatched reputation in the metal stamping industry for designing, engineering and commissioning custom tailored press control & automation solutions that are user-friendly, safe and reliable.

Toledo Integrated Systems offers a wide array of press control packages. The most simple and inexpensive package is our Press Pilot 150, a clutch/brake controller for mechanical air clutch presses. This can be used with various levels of automation to meet the application requirements and budget.


We also offer more advanced and custom-designed packages for forging, hydraulic, press feeder and transfer system projects. We specialize in Allen-Bradley PLC and HMI design. However, we have also been successful in providing other PLC-based solutions (Siemens, Mitsibushi, etc.).

  • Press Pilot 150 – Basic Press Control

  • OEM Press Pilot 150 – Integrator Friendly Control

  • DPPlus TPC – Press Control with Basic Automation

  • Co-Pilot TPC – Press Control with Automation

  • AB Maximizer TPC – Allen-Bradley Press Control & Automation Solution

  • S Maximizer TPC – Siemens Press Control & Automation Solution

  • HYD Maximizer TPC – Hydraulic Press Control & Automation Solution

  • Forging Maximizer TPC – Forging Press Control & Automation Solution

  • Press Feeders, Transfer Systems, and More

Tonnage Monitors

Toledo offers a wide variety of monitors for each press application. These applications include C-Frame, OBI, OBS, forging, powdered metal, refractory, transfers, assembly and double action presses.

Our tonnage monitors can extend the life of your press and dies by preventing excessive hard hits. Capacity, high and low set points can be set with these monitors and if any of the setpoints are crossed, the press will stop. Our force monitors can also be used to determine the minimum amount of force needed to form a part.

  • LS PressWatch Series Signature Based Tonnage Monitor

  • PWi PressWatch Tonnage Monitor

  • Quik-Learn Automatic Tonnage Monitor

  • N600 Tonnage Monitor

  • TQM Tonnage Monitor

  • Slim Signature Based Tonnage Module

  • TTLM PLC Tonnage Module

  • PLC Tonnage Kits

  • N260 PressWatch Series Tonnage Monitor

  • PW Plus PressWatch Series Benchmark Tonnage Monitor

  • N400 Tonnage Monitor

  • N269 Series Process Control Tonnage Monitor

  • PWF Series Forging Tonnage Monitor

  • Die Try Portable Tonnage Monitor

Load Cells and Sensors

Toledo custom designs load cells and sensors for a variety of applications with concentration on tension and compression forces, which are used in a large array of industries.

  • Button

  • Clevis Pin

  • Donut/Washer

  • Flange Base

  • In-Die/Punch Hold

  • Multi-Axis

  • Pancake/Wagonwheel

  • Rod End/In-Line

  • S-Beam/Single Point

  • Strain Link/Force Sensors

  • T400 Strain Gauge

Die Protection

Die Protection is used to protect your die in the case of an unexpected event. These events can include misfeed, short feed, long feed, buckle detect & part eject.

Toledo Integrated Systems offers a stand-alone die protection system (B500 Modules) and is included in many of our all-in-one packages such as the Maximizer.  The Maximizer is a fully integrated press automation and control system. The PLC-based packages allow for customization and expandability. Create the system that fits your needs now, then enhance and expand as your needs change. We can custom tailor each maximizer for your needs or integrated with an existing PLC system including Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, and many more.

  • Co-Pilot

  • Die Protection Sensors

  • DPPlus

  • Stand-Alone Systems

  • Press Attendant

  • Standard Sensor Interface

  • Universal Sensor Interface

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