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Machine Stop Time / Safe Distance Analysis For Presence Sensing Devices

Machine Stop Time / Safe Distance Analysis For Presence Sensing Devices Determining the safe mounting distance of optoelectronic guarding systems such as safety light curtains can be a complex matter.  Our experienced staff has been providing stop-time reporting services to its valued customers for over 25 years. Utilizing the Semelex II Safetimer, our staff can

Brake Monitor “Time-Based”

BM-1600 BM-1600 (Rotary Encoder Based) The BM-1600 is a time-based brake monitor that utilizes a high-resolution rotary encoder and controller to measure the brake stopping time in milliseconds and also the RPM of the press. The rotary encoder is attached to the subject machine and is driven on a 1:1 ratio by the power press

Machine Bases & Workbench Framing

Faztek Machine Bases & Workbenches T-Slot aluminum frames can be designed to create strong and versatile bases – customized to suit practically any application imaginable. With a wide variety of sizes and styles, Faztek is sure to have an extrusion profile perfect for your specific needs. Various floor mounting options are available to ensure your

Die Blocks & Ram Blocks

Press Safety Blocks & Die Safety Blocks from Saf-T-Block Safety Blocks are an OSHA requirement in the USA and need to be used whenever a press operator or setup or maintenance personnel have any body parts on or in the die or within the press platen area that could cause injury should the press activate. Proper procedures call for

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