Press Brake Guarding LazerSafe Safeguarding System for Hydraulic Press Brakes

LazerSafe is a Machine Safeguarding system for hydraulic press brakes that provides the most effective solution for operator safety and machine productivity combined.

The transmitter and receiver are mounted on the ram of the press allowing the operator to stay close to the work piece as the tools close at high speed.

Due to the location and size of the beams, multiple bends in the material are easily accomplished without interrupting the laser beams. The muting point is automatically determined during the
initial test stroke of the machine.

First, the material surface is detected by the laser, then the operator confirms the LZS-003HS
position by merely pressing the set button. There are no switches, photoelectrics or proximity switches to adjust. The mute point position is permanently monitored. A change in the mute position will be detected and the machine brought to a stop.


The LazerSafe does not limit the high speed capability of the slide but still continuously monitors the speed and stopping distance of the moving member of the machine. If the crawl speed of
10 mm/sec. is exceeded and/or the stopping distance of 13 mm is exceeded, LazerSafe will issue a stop command to the machine. There is no need for a separate stopping performance monitor.

You can download the LazerSafe Product Bulletin here.

Press Brake Safety With Productivity Performance

Productivity is greatly enhanced with LazerSafe as compared to light curtains. Light curtains used on press brakes usually reduce throughput by 25 to 40 percent. LazerSafe’s unique bands of laser
light combined with its mounting location on the machine and its “step-through” bend cycle provides considerably greater throughput while providing operator safety.

The LazerSafe press brake safety system permits freedom of handling the work piece while providing operator protection and real-time monitoring of the bending process for press brake failures.

  • Operates approximately 40% faster per cycle compared to properly mounted and used light curtains

  • Independent speed monitoring through its own encoder

  • Provides stop distance monitoring every stroke of the machine to assure the press brake can stop as required.

  • Does not require the manufacturer’s machine control to do any monitoring.

  • New LCD menu-driven operator interface panel with the magnetic base provides for easy menu-driven programming, fast and easy setup, real-time operational mode status, password
    protection for supervisory control, and protective field status

  • UL listed based on the requirements of ANSI/UL61496 (Type 4 Laser Guarding System) and UL508

  • Listed for use in compliance with NFPA79-2002, Clause 11.3.4

  • Complex bends achieved with “Tray/Box” and “Field Muted” modes of operation

  • Controls the point of operation through closed-loop monitoring of speed, direction, position and stopping distance of the ram

  • Optional ability to force the machine into slow speed by command of the generators foot switch called “forcing a crawl”

  • Dual flat bands of continuous laser light detect obstructions as small as 4 mm while still being vibration tolerant

  • Comprehensive operator protection at close proximity to the point of operation

  • Mute point automatically determined off the top of the material, easily set and continuously monitored

  • The rear section of laser bands easily muted to ignore back gauge in “up-close” setups

  • Failure detection performed by real-time monitoring of the process under control

  • LazerSafe is within “Class I Laser Product” limits as defined in IEC 60825

  • TUV registered number 08/205/B1-PM01700

  • Allows tools to close at high speed, increasing productivity