Welcome to Guardomation Guardomation, Inc. was established in 1993 with one goal in mind – to help make the manufacturing environment a safer workplace. Since that time we have successfully assisted thousands of customers in their safeguarding efforts. Our mission is simple: utilize only the top manufacturers of safety equipment and apply these products in

Machine Stop Time / Safe Distance Analysis For Presence Sensing Devices

Machine Stop Time / Safe Distance Analysis For Presence Sensing Devices Determining the safe mounting distance of optoelectronic guarding systems such as safety light curtains can be a complex matter.  Our experienced staff has been providing stop-time reporting services to its valued customers for over 25 years. Utilizing the Semelex II Safetimer, our staff can

Safety Switches and Safety Relays from Omron

Safety Switches and Safety Relays from Omron There are thousands of options for Omron STI safety equipment.  Here are a few of the systems often used by Guardomation. Safety Interlock Switches Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. safety switches are designed to work together with hinged, sliding, or lift-off guards and barriers. When the guard is opened,

Safety Mats from Pinnacle Systems

Safety Mats from Pinnacle Systems NSD Safety Mat System Breakthrough NSD (New Switching Device) technology provides digital (on/off) switching for safety mat applications. NSD safety mats are designed to be machine interfaced with only NSD safety relay controllers for normally open SPST 4-wire safety mats. Heavy-duty electrode assembly and durable outer shell provide excellent impact

Safety Light Curtains from Pinnacle Systems

Safety Light Curtain from Pinnacle Systems MicroGuard® Light Curtain with Metal Box Controller The MicroGuard® safety light curtain utilizes the diverse redundancy design concept. This gives the safety light system a higher level of redundancy and control reliability. The two microprocessors are of different design, and the microprocessor or parallel programs are run and made up

Safety Mat Switches and Safety Edges and Bumpers

Safety Mat Switches and Safety Edges and Bumpers Safety Mats Rugged Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. Universal Safety Mats guard machine operators against some of the potential hazards and dangers of the modern manufacturing environment. An Omron STI Universal Safety Mat system (UM series safety mat combined with an MC3, MC4, or MC6) offers a simple

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Thank you for visiting www.guardomation.com. We can be reached via e-mail – jeff@guardomation.com  You can reach us by telephone – 281-265-2832 Your privacy is very important to us. The purpose of our policy is to inform you about the types of information we gather about you when you visit our web site, how