Solutions by Equipment Type

Solutions by Equipment Type Aluminum Machine & Perimeter Guards Anti-Restart Motor Controls Anti-Tie Down Control Systems Brake Monitors (TimeBased) Bumper Switches Safety Mats STI Omron Cam Rotary Limit Switches Chip Guards / Machine Chip Shields Die Blocks and Ram Blocks Double Press Dual Solenoid Clutch Valves Controller (Safety PLC) for Integrating Multiple Safety Devices Emergency

Aluminum Machine & Perimeter Guards

Aluminum Machine & Perimeter Guards Faztek Modular T-Slotted Aluminum Framing Machine & Perimeter Guards Faztek’s lightweight and versatile aluminum profiles are a perfect solution to creating affordable guards. Whether it’s for safety, security, privacy, or to simply keep the workplace looking clean and organized, Faztek has a solution. Lite and Ultra-Lite profiles are perfect for

Machine Safety Services

Machine Safety Guarding Services Offered by Guardomation Machine Guarding Surveys Guardomation offers machine-guarding deficiency surveys and inspections that identify potential hazards to personnel. Our experience and expertise include evaluation of power presses, press brakes, robot cells, shears, mills, lathes, drills, transfer lines, automated equipment, and other types of machinery utilized in the manufacturing environment. Our