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Ergonomic Palm Buttons and Pinnacle Safety Control Systems

UltraTouch Ergonomic Zero Force Palm Buttons

The patented Pinnacle UltraTouch system has been designed as a direct replacement for standard spring loaded mechanical palm buttons and is designed to fit into existing operator palm button stations without modification.

The UltraTouch enclosure is a molded high strength NEMA 4 polycarbonate module designed to meet the high impact and vibration requirements of industry. The solid state electronics of the UltraTouch switch incorporates an advanced redundant diverse sensor design. This means that each module has two different sensors with isolated circuits along with a monitoring redundant circuit.

The circuitry of the UltraTouch is also designed to provide second-order failure protection. This gives the UltraTouch an unparalleled level of safety and assurance against inadvertent actuation, or failing in the "on" or conducting mode, which is a common problem found throughout industry with competitive ergonomic switch replacements.

The UltraTouch design is so safe against inadvertent actuation, that two UltraTouch modules when spaced and located properly in accordance to OSHA and ANSI hand control distance formulas (the same formula is used for mechanical palm buttons), permit its use as an operator safety two hand control device. The UltraTouch dual dissimilar sensor format is designed for the machine operator to actuate the switch, and that no inadvertent foreign objects such as a sleeves, insects, broomsticks, playing cards, rags, mists or droplets can activate or trigger the switch. This gives UltraTouch an unparalleled level of safety while giving the operator the benefit of using the correct ergonomic hand position of neutral, 0 deviation and 100% hand power.

Universal Safety Controller HUB™ for Multiple Safety Devices

"Control reliable" Category 4 safety center replaces multiple safety relays/modules and seamlessly integrates many safety devices, outputs and control logic functions.

The Universal Safety Controller HUB from Pinnacle Systems replaces multiple individual freestanding safety relay modules into one completely integrated and multi-faceted safety center. The Safety Controller HUB contains a multitude of input wiring provisions for various safety devices that will be incorporated on the machine to be guarded or controlled.

The HUB also contains dry contact safety relays and solid-state outputs in one complete, compact control reliable safety controller package. This provides ease of installation, improved safety and economic improvement on both installation and hardware cost.

Typical safety device inputs that can be monitored and controlled by the safety hub are: safety interlock switches (all types), safety light curtains, E-stop switches, cable – pull switches, safety mats, muting systems, operator two hand controls which contains anti-tie down/ concurrency logic functions, EDM (External Device Monitoring) and much more.

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