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Machinery Anti-Restart Device


Model GS-100

Model GS-101

Model GS-102

Model GS-103
(240 Volt)
Anti-Automatic Restart for 120 VAC machines required by OSHA and NFPA Standards,
4 Styles…..$115.00 EACH

NEW! Model No. GS-100…120 VAC Anti-Restart Device with 20” pig tail style cord on machine end and 8' pig tail style cord on power end. (NO WALL PLUG). Rated 120-volt, A.C., 18-amp maximum, 50/60 cycle. ……………….…$115.00

Model No. GS-101…20" Cord on machine end and 8' cord with molded wall plug on power end. Rated 120-volts, A.C., 15-amp maximum,3/4 HP maximum, 50/60 cycle. ……………….…$115.00

Model No. GS-102…Short extension cord style. 14" cord on male plug end and 12" cord on female receptacle end. Rated 120 volts, A.C., 15-amp maximum, 3/4 HP motor maximum, 50/60 cycle……………..$115.00

Model No. GS-103…20" cord on equipment switch end and 8' cord on power end (no plug). Rated 200 to 240-volt A.C., 15-amp (single phase) 2 H.P. maximum, 50/60 cycle…………….…$115.00

Motor Control 120 Volt With Anti-Restart Capability

UL 508 Listed 120 VAC Motor control box provides a Stop/Start circuit along with a latching Emergency Stop Button and 8’ power cord with molded male wall plug. The GS-104 also has an anti-automatic restart feature to prevent machines from automatic re-start after power loss. Existing machine electrical cord plugs directly into the GS-104. Ideal for meeting current electrical standards for smaller machinery such as belt sanders, drill presses and grinders.

Model No. GS-104, Motor Control 120 Volt with stop/start, e-stop, and anti-automatic restart, 8’ cord with male molded wall plug, female receptacle, 15 Amp Rating.......$325.00

NEW! Model No. GS-104-20A, Motor Control 120 Volt with stop/start, e-stop, and anti-automatic restart feature. Includes 8’ cord with male molded 20 Amp, 120 VAC wall plug AND 18” Pig Tail for direct wiring to your machine.......$395.00

Combination Starters and Controls for Mills, Drills,
Lathes, and other High Voltage Machines


Model No. GS-105R

Model No. GS-106 XXX **

UL 508 Listed Combination starters and controls can be used on machines with three-phase 208-600 VAC. Includes motor starter, fused disconnect switch, transformer, and Nema 12 enclosure. Guardomation can customize any control to fit your machine.

Model No. GS-105R – MILL PACKAGE Combination starter package for mills or other machines with reversing motors. Includes reversing starter, fused disconnect, and a remote control box with a forward / reverse keyed switch, start / stop buttons and LATCHING emergency stop button. For mills with motors up to 5 HP. Please specify line voltage and amperage when ordering……………………………….…$2,150.00

Model No. GS-106-XXX** - Starter controls for other machines with line voltage from 208-600 VAC three phase. Control box includes start / stop buttons and LATCHING emergency stop button with the option of adding a fusible disconnect switch lockable in the “off” position.

XXX** Common configurations and pricing are listed below on ordering procedure sheet page 5. Call us for any custom configuration not listed.

Emergency Stop Buttons

Emergency stop buttons required by NFPA 79 has latching (push/pull) 22mm red mushroom button and yellow background “EMERGENCY STOP” legend ring. Also comes with 2 N.C. contacts (Other configurations available).
Chip Guards and Shields For Turning Machinery
Chuck Guards
Mill Guards
Magnetic Based Guards
Drill Guards
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Safety Interlock Switches

Model GS-110 Tamper resistant, non-contact coded magnet switch and control unit. Use on gates and doors with alignment issues. Package includes sensor, actuator and 24 VDC monitoring control unit.  Call for pricing. (Call for pricing on 110VAC controller)

Model GS-111

Model GS-112

Model GS-111 Light duty safety interlock switch with 90 degree actuator. 2 N.C. contacts rated at 230VAC, 4 Amp. Includes a M20 to Inch NPT adaptor…  Call for pricing.

Model GS-112 Heavy duty metal bodied safety interlock switch with 90 degree actuator. 2 N.C. contacts and 2 N.O. contacts rated at 230VAC, 4 Amp….. Call for pricing.

Model GS-113 Safety Interlock Switch with guard door locking. Will not allow door / gate to open until a signal is received. Power to un-lock 110VAC solenoid supply voltage, 90-degree actuator…… Call for pricing. (Call for pricing on stop motion sensors / controllers)

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